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On behalf of the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, greetings and welcome to the Wyoming Regional Economic Analysis Project. Using the interactive regional economic tools of analysis at your disposal on this website, we invite you to conduct your own research to examine and assess changing economic conditions and trends of counties or regions within Wyoming.
WY-REAP features data and regional economic tools of analysis that apply to the 23 Wyoming counties and Wyoming's 2 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). To further enhance the investigation of the Wyoming economy in a regional policy and planning context, these website resources additionally assemble the data and introduce tools of analysis for conducting research on Wyoming's 5 LMI Regions.
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WY-REAP fosters analysis of regional and interregional economic transformations and dynamics to support the advance of economic planning and policy development statewide.
The cornerstone of the Wyoming Regional Economic Analysis Project is the annual data compiled by the Regional Income Division and Regional Product Division of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), U.S. Department of Commerce encompassing nearly 5 decades--from 1969 to 2017.
To compare and assess Wyoming's economy in contrast with other states of your choosing, enlist the use of the "Comparative Trends Analysis"  in the United States Regional Economic Analysis Project
United States Regional Economic Analysis Project
The AgEcon Department strives to apply sound decision-making principles to agricultural and other natural resource-based ventures and to the development of our communities. Our researchers are top educators who work in the areas of firm profitability, market performance, environmental quality, natural resource use, and government policy.

Since 1914, UW Extension has helped Wyoming citizens and communities respond to challenges and changes. We have offices in each of the state's 23 counties and the Wind River Indian Reservation. Although our roots are in agriculture, UW Extension has broadened its educational mission to encompass many of the contemporary challenges facing Wyoming's people and its rural communities.
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